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My name is Johanna

Hello! It's nice to meet you.

Originally from Oak Park, IL, I grew up in a town filled with beautiful gardens and historic homes, including my dad's own garden where I spent hours growing up hunting fairies, smelling hyacinths, and watching tulips and hostas bloom. I have always loved flowers but my passion truly found its footing (and a name) while living in Paris after college. During long walks across the city I realized that I was incapable of walking past a flower shop without walking myself in. I had a tiny studio but my tiny studio was always full of flowers because I knew even on a bad day a bunch of pretty flowers could make me smile. At the time, I joked about the romantic idea that I was going to open the world's first moving florist on a barge that would travel up and down the Seine; and upon returning home to Chicago, I tentatively took Floristry classes that confirmed my passion for the medium and all things growing and green. I started working in the industry and also found, to my delighted surprise, that I was equally in love with the less romantic parts of floral design: the business, the engineering, the hunting down rare and interesting blooms and the every day problem-solving of flowers and event design as well as the art of helping a perfect orchid look its best. I started The Flower Witch with this passion for the magical as well as the practical in mind. I have since helped couples all over Chicagoland realize the gorgeous wedding decor of their dreams, walked floral runway dresses and fundraisers like Fleurotica and Evening in Bloom at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, and brought galas, wedding showers, and events of all kind to magical, meticulous life with my passion for melding the surprising and organic with the mundane. I believe that floral design is an art and a science. I believe that magic happens when perfect planning meets perfect improvisation. I believe that flowers are important and worthwhile because they remind us of the ways our lives are tied to cycles and seasons, growth and change. I believe in learning something every day and from every person you meet. And I truly do believe that everything is better with some pretty flowers. Let's talk!

Johanna: About
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