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My name is Johanna

Hello! It's nice to meet you.

Originally from Oak Park, IL, I grew up in a town filled with beautiful gardens and historic homes, but my passion truly found its footing (and a name) while living in Paris after college. During long walks across the city I realized that I was incapable of walking past a flower shop without walking myself in. At the time, I joked about the romantic idea that I was going to open the world's first moving florist on a barge that would travel up and down the Seine; and upon returning home to Chicago, I tentatively took Floristry classes that confirmed my passion for the medium and all things growing and green. I started working in the industry and also found, to my delighted surprise, that I was equally in love with the less romantic parts of floral design: the business, the engineering, the hunting down rare and interesting blooms and the every day problem-solving of flowers and event design as well as the art of helping a perfect orchid look its best. I started The Flower Witch with this passion for the magical as well as the practical in mind. I believe that floral design is an art and a science. I believe that magic happens when perfect planning meets perfect improvisation. I believe that flowers are important and worthwhile because they remind us of the ways our lives are tied to cycles and seasons, growth and change. I believe in learning something every day and from every person you meet. And I truly do believe that everything is better with some pretty flowers.